The ships

The boats I have sailed on:
The Pelican:
The pelican is a sail training boat for 14-80 year olds, which I sail on as either a watch leader or a deckhand, when doing maintenance, or in extreme circumstances cooks assistant. The ship is a main mast barkentine, the only one of its kind in the world.


With 11 sails she can take a crew of up to 39 people almost anywhere in the world, although she is mostly found cruising around the UK and European waters. Currently to be found in the Caribbean, spending the majority of her time at anchor in Barbados, shortly to be island hoping and then heading back to the UK for a dry dock maintenance period and then beginning her 2013 season around the UK.  

Chloe May
From Barbados around the islands we kept spotting this little red boat, some form of pilot cutter, which always grabbed the attention of a large proprtion of our crew. She is a small gaff rigged Falmouth Pilot Cutter around 42′ overall length and our new home. Her owner Bob had spent a similar length of time ‘spotting’ us as we had him and finally got to talk to us when we both returned to St Lucia at the end of the island hopping.


She was bulit in 1980 and took part in the Tall Ships Race the year I was born (1987) according to one of the many plaques adorning the inside.
She is a much smaller boat than the Pelican and takes a little bit of getting used to, I have hit my head a number of times on low ceiling beams…


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