Christmas 2013

Since I came back from the Carribean I haven’t been brilliant at updating this blog with my travels so over this muggy new year period I will try and catch up with my travels from the later summer…

This Christmas we had a massive Christmas tree which was cut down from the garden hauled up from the garden and jammed into the back of the long room…

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Sacre Coeur, Paris Day 2, Part 2

The next place we headed to was Sacre Coeur which is a very impressive church at the top of Paris in the Montmatre region of the city. It is situated on the top of one of the hills overlooking the city although both times i have been there it has been quite misty so we did not get the most impressive views of Paris, Ed said that the view was better from the top of the Arc de Triomphe but you cannot fault the impressiveness of the building on its own. Continue reading

Paris Day 2 Part 1

The next day we got up early and headed into town to look at some more of the sites. After having breakfast we went to see the Arc de Triomphe, Ed climbed up to the top to have a look at the view from the top over the whole of the town. It is quite impressive from here as you are in the centre of a giant round about and there are roads heading away from you in every direction. I did not climb as my knees would not hold up to that and touring the town for the rest of the day. Continue reading

RNLI Awards Ceremony , RNLI HQ, Poole

Last weekend I was in Poole with my family providing support to my mother who was there to recieve an award for her services to the RNLI over the years. We travelled up from Totnes to my grandparents house to pick up my Aunt and headed out to the RNLI HQ / Training Centre.

Once there we had some time to relax in the ‘Riggers Bar’ where we had some food and then headed down for the actual ceremony. Continue reading

Les Invalides, Paris Day 1 Part 3

From the Grand Palais we travelled to Les Invalides which is home to the French War Museum and Napoleons Tomb which interested Ed and provided some good photo opertunities for me. We arrived shortly before closing so only walked around the courtyard this day and planned to come back the next day so Ed could check out the exhibitions in more detail. Continue reading

Le Louvre, Day 1, Part 2

After Notre Dame we walked down the river for a while, looking at the book sellers that line the quayside, stopping to take a look at some of the old maps and other interesting things that they are selling. Walking further down we passed this painter and I stopped to have a look at his work, which I enjoyed so I purchased two images one for my Dad, one for Nikki. Continue reading