I am Pippa, and this is the unlikely story of my “gap year”. I started it by heading out to the canaries to join the Pelican of London to sail across the atlantic to Salvador and then on to Punta Arenas, but this all changed and we ended up heading to Barbados instead. We have spent nearly 8 weeks at anchor or alongside in Bridgetown.
From here I am planning to head into the Caribbean proper and do some actual sailing and see as many islands as possible. Hopefully not heading back to the UK before May time.


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  1. Hi Pippa. Cally & I noticed that you have started following our blog and that you are also listed on Find a Crew as looking for boats in the near future. We are looking for crew for our sail back to Europe, we are planning to leave BVI on around 5th May for Bermuda and then leaving Bermuda on about 16th May for Azores. From there, Rafiki is being delivered back to the UK by a friend and we are flying home to give us a couple of weeks organising our lives before we hopefully have a few weeks sailing in the UK and France in the summer. Do let us know if you are interested, ideally via email at rob_burch@hotmail.com. Bob on Chloe May will know us – we met him in Spain and then Marigot and Rodney Bay in St Lucia while his daughter was on board. Look forward to hearing from you. Rob, Cally, Emily & James.

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