Christmas 2013

Since I came back from the Carribean I haven’t been brilliant at updating this blog with my travels so over this muggy new year period I will try and catch up with my travels from the later summer…

This Christmas we had a massive Christmas tree which was cut down from the garden hauled up from the garden and jammed into the back of the long room…


Nikki made us all some stockings to hang beside the fireplace to be all christmassy and filled them with lots of nice presents.


The tree was a good 15ft high and had to have about 2ft cut off the bottom before we put it into the room and it still reaches right to the top of the room.
It took Nikki 3 hours to decorate the tree using a step ladder and one of those long handled grippers to help allocate the tinsel.



Nikki also decorated the Christmas cake taking another few hours of careful crafting and painting icing sugar and marzipan.


Happy new year everyone


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