Going home


We have taken the decision to come back home as the time trying to find another boat out of the Caribbean was wearing on our nerves. I had made the decision that I would fly home after our aborted attempt to cross the Atlantic and was just chilling out for a bit waiting to find out the fate of Mojito and wait for the UK to warm up a little.

I was also waiting for Edward to make a decision as to what he was doing, finding a boat to cross back on or just fly. our decision to fly was a little rushed to tell you the truth, we only finally made the decision a day before we flew, booking tickets at the airport for the next days flight as the cheap flights to Paris only flew on Saturdays, meaning that if we didn’t get that flight we would end up waiting for another week before being able to fly out.

I managed to convince Edward that since we were flying through Paris we would spend a few days in Paris looking at the sights and enjoying what the city had to offer.

I am back in the UK now and currently decompressing, and recovering. Basically doing lots of laundry and enjoying a large and comfortable bed, although it is in a different room to the one I left as my sister claimed the larger room whilst I was away and is reluctant to give it up whilst I am still spending much of my time sailing.

I will write a post on what happened on Mojito and then spend a while posting about all the things we saw in Paris, there are many photos to follow soon.


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