There are worse places to be stuck…

There are worse places to be stuck, thinking about it this should probably have been the title to my blog as it seems to be one of our favourite phrases or at least one of the most commonly used ones. First it was the Barbados, then St Lucia followed by Antigua for a time, well the Caribbean as a whole for a good 4months now we have to add another hot and sunny location to the list of islands we have been ‘stranded’ on, St Maarten!

As my hastily penned last post indicated we were heading out of the Caribbean and starting the long slog back across the Atlantic to Palma via the Azores on our new ride a Moody 64 and it may be obvious that that has not happened… It all started out ok, but after 3 days we had a slight rig malfunction and had to turn back. We headed straight for St Maarten which was closest and also happens to have one of the best rigging companies in the Caribbean, but this does mean they are awfully busy so we are stuck here waiting for them to be able to look at the rig.

Whilst here we had a look around the island heading north into the French side of the Island to check out some beaches and re enact a photo from when Anton and Mel, the skipper and mate/cook first met.



And play some frisbee…


Then watch the most amazing dog fetching a lump of concrete from the water in the way a normal dog would a stick in a park. Except this dog couldnt see the stick/rock but would paddle around with its hind legs on the bottom before diving head first under the water to come triumphantly up with the lump of concrete. The speed that it could find the rock had to be seen to be believed, except once when it spent a good 20 minutes trying to find it, but looked to be enjoying every second.


The second adventure of the day was when we came back to Simpson Bay to pull in at the bar at the end of the runway and get sand blasted by a jet engine… yup any of those videos you have seen on YouTube where the plane lands on the runway just over the edge of a chain link fence holding the beach back will know the airport im talking about, it is a sight to see. But watching the planes take off is eaually as amazing as they site just the other side of the fence revving their engines to get enough thrust to take off from the small runway, this creates a massive back draught from their engines which kicks out across the beach.





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