My Favourite Island

After Saint Pierre we headed north for Dominica which was one of my requirments when staying out here, that we had to at least get to Dominica no matter what else happened. I was slightly dubious that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations, having loved the place before and been going on about how good it was I was worried that I had made it sound better than it really was, you know absence makes that heart grow fonder and all. But no, I was right it is still an amazing place, one that im sure I wont want to leave.


We arrived at Roseau the capital of the island and took a mooring off the beach within easy swimming distance of the pontoon at the bar come marina facilities, well bar with internet and a shower in the toilet room. We were all very thankful for that shower after not having access to showers since leaving les Anses d’Arlet, just under a week before! This is not as bad as it sounds, the water is so clear here that we have been able to swim most days, showers are just nice to get rid of the salt from your hair.

Unfortunately rather than running out to enjoy my favourite island I cureld up in bed with a nasty headache which was part of the cold that I am battling at the moment, who would have thought it was possible to catch a cold in 25 to 30 degree heat, but if anyone was going to manage it, it was going to be me. After spending a day or two just chilling out in the bar during the day to get out of the heat on the boat, and not doing much in the evenings I managed to pick myself up enough to make it into town and out into the countryside. We eventually took the comunity bus up to Trafalgar, it took a considerable time to find where kt went from and then we had to wait about 30 mins before there were enough people for the driver to leave.


He drove us up to the hydroelectric power station just below the trail to the falls and we walked up the very steep section of road that led from there to the visitor center, where we bought our week tickets for the national parks and re filled our bottles from their tap, before heading off into the rainforest.

After a short hike we made it to what passes for a visitor centre, and bought a week pass so that we would be able to visit Indian River and Cabrits National Park when we made it to Portsmouth.



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