The snuffles

Would you believe it its the tropical Caribbean and I manage to get a cold! Well I imagine some of you would believe that, but yes I had a stinkning cold which started out with a really bad throat and progressed though normal cold stages but very quickly. I am now just left with the annoying chest so that if Edward makes me laugh I end up coughing.


This started in Saint Pierre,  a small town to the north of the island, this is the last anchorage before heading off to Dominica and the site of the old capital of Martinique before it got destroyed by the volcanic eruption in 1902. We arrived here Saturday evening and were planning on leaving early Monday morning, giving us one day to look around this lovely tropical town. But in true French style this meant that no pharmacies were open so there was no where for me to get anything resembling throat sweets… Luckily for me we ‘bumped’ into Gwen and Cecile and some of their friends, well technically they spotted us and Gwen swam over to pick up the dinghy and bring them out to see us and within their group was another girl called Cecile who was interested in sailing to Dominica with us,  but didnt have her kit with her forcing us to wait another day if we decided to allow her to come along, which of course Bob did. Allowing me to hit the pharmacy for some drugs, mostly strepsils.

During our time in Saint Pierre Edward decided that he would have fun jumping off the boat, we both had to go swimming the colour of the water was so fantastic.





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