Fort de France : The state of my mind

Fort de France is an odd location, its not a place that is famous for its wildlife, or natural beauty spots like so much of the Caribbean is, or its colonial architecture as most of it has been built over or is crumbling down. But it is definitely growing on me!


Thinking about how I feel at the moment the answer that springs to mind is contented. Sat here on deck watching the city’s lights twinkle on the water, and two children dancing as their waiting for their ferry at the terminal just next to us, behind them is a group who have formed a circle which is expanding and contracting, looking like the pulsing heart of the city. Only after watching for a few minutes is it clear that this is some form of group fitness class, as they progress along the water front sidestepping the whole way. This is all after having spent the day in town as succeeded to find a pair of short boardies, a task I set myself when I arrived in Barbados, and a looser top, spent time on the internet, no mean feat here it took three attempts and resulted in us raiding MacDonald’s again, provisioning the boat for a good week and a half and cooking a lovely dinner of stir fried beef complete with a home made sauce. After all this I am sitting on deck to cool down with a slice of French bread and camembert and a glass of red wine, Ed is below watching The Mummy Returns and Bob is reading Patrick O’Brian.

There is very little reason not to smile at the moment. Even tomorrow is planned, go ashore early to buy veg at the market, wine in the supermarket and return to the boat leaving F de F around midday for Saint Pierre in the North of the island and departing for Dominica the next day. The only slight niggle is that this brings us one step closer to Antigua where our current plans end, Bob has friends coming out so that we can no longer stay with Chloe May and will be looking for the next bit of our adventure. We arrive roughly a month before the big regattas in Antigua so we may be looking for paid work, or to carry on further north, or back across the pond.

All is to play for really… Anyone able to employ us, feed us or sleep us we would love to know :p


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