Fort de France to Anse d’Arlet

Having arrived in Martinique we moved from Fort de France ’round the corner’ to Anse d’Arlet where one of Bob’s old crew members was working and there were free moorings. We managed to pick up a buoy on the second attempt as the wind was very gusty causing the bow to fall away from the wind much more than it would do normally, the bow of Chloe is also relatively high out of the water making getting the mooring line through the top of the buoy slightly more difficult than normal.

On the way to Fort de France we sailed along the coast passing the inlets that we thought that Gigi was in, but we were not sure which one it was so we carried on to sign in inthe capital and then head round to where he was staying. On this trip was passed a lot of lovely coast line and Royal Clipper coming out of Fort de France under full sail. Which we assumed was as a photo opportunity as they had two of their tenders circling the boat and the crew manning the bow sprit.


Manning the Bowsprit on Royal Clipper


Royal Clipper sailing out of Fort de France

Fort de France is a bog standard town, although unlike a lot of towns it has a white sand beach and a dock which is set up for mooring tenders to, we moored in the shadow of the Fort proudly flying the French flag. This is quite a nice area except it is right next to the ferry terminal and the wake from the ferries can rock the boat quite a lot. We anchored in between two other boats thought to have a similar draught to Chloe and stayed onboard for a while to check that we were holding and then prepared to head into town to check out what there was and possibly have dinner.


After dinner we went into mc donalds to use their Wi-Fi, this required putting out jumpers on as they had their air con raked right up and it was freezing inside… we wondered if this was to deter people from being inside too long stealing their Wi-Fi, oh well the jumpers came out to combat it and they just about worked.


We managed to catch up with Gigi and headed round to Anse d’Arlet the next morning, picking up a mooring buoy in the very busy moorings just off the beach. This is one of the most disconcerting places I have been as the water is so clear that it is impossible to estimate depth and is very confusing at night when you can see the bottom at night because of the patches with no sea grass.



Anse d’Arlet is a lovely mooring but there can be a strong swell coming in, which happens to get much stronger at night nearly kicking me out of bed and throwing the beers bottles on the side, all over the floor! This is made up for by the fact that the water is soo clear and there are turtles to see almost all the time (if you look for long enough). We have been swimming almost everyday from the boat enjoying being somewhere that is clean enough as Rodney Bay was very murky and not nice enough to swim in.




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