Onwards and Upwards

Yesterday we left St Lucia for Martinique, sailing for the first time on Chloe May. It was interesting to see how she sailed, even though we didn’t push her too much. She was very nice and didn’t have too much play on the helm, mostly just keeping keeping the wheel steady.


Martinique is one of those odd places that is actually part of France and so we will be back to talking French and using euros again, it will be nice to be able to practice my French again and be able to stock up on things like decent cheese, good coffee and pig out on good bread and pastries for a day or two. It is suprising just how hard it is to get decent coffee on most of the Caribbean islands…


Martinique is an island I have visited before but is not one that I really remember much about. Does anyone know of good places to visit or places to avoid?


From there we will be sailing North, stopping at Dominica and Guadeloupe and possibly Montserrat before calling into Antigua where the boat is due to take part in Antigua Classics Regatta. Do any of you have recomendations of where to call in Dominica or Guadeloupe? I have to say I am really looking forward to Dominica as it is one of my favourite Caribbean islands, lets just hope it lives up to my expectations again.



One thought on “Onwards and Upwards

  1. Saint Pierre in the north of Martinique is nice though the anchorage can get very busy because there’s only a small strip that’s not too deep.
    In Dominica I only really went to Portsmouth. The Indian River trip was interesting if you haven’t already been.

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