Life Aboard the Little Boat

We have now been on Chloe May for nearly two weeks, which came as a slight shock to both me and Edward as it doesnt seem anywhere near that long, today is day 11. Which we only realised because of the flood of posts about Pelican arriving in Bermuda 11 days and 1100 miles later. We are both quite glad we stayed here as it seems to have been quite a rough trip.

Since we got onboard we have not done huge amounts but caught up on sleep and re trained our sleeping patterns, in my case especially, to be aware of the rain as we have to close the boat down when it starts raining. For the first four days Bob’s daughter Amelia was aboard and had the double berth so Edward and I were sleepin in the pipe cots in the forepeak which was a little stuffy as there is not much way of getting air circulating through there. Once Amelia had gone home we had her berth which is much cooler as there is a hatch above the foot of the bed creating a good breeze, which was even better once we Heath Robinson-ed the main awning to cover the bow and funnel air in.

Amelia and Bob becided to stay in St Lucia rather than journey to Martinique and then have to ferry it back for Amelia to catch her flight, so they spent the next few days chilling out on the beaches, and eating at the local bars and resturants. When Amelia left to fly back to England Bob flew to Barbados for a week to catch up with some friends so we were left boat sitting, with only a few small tasks to do. One of our first jobs for ourselves was to get some food, so we rowed over to the landing dock near the shopping malls and took the short stroll up to the supermarket, which I might have got slightly too excited at the fact that it had a delicatessen counter and proper cheeses the first time we came here. We have started buying food in the supermarket to try and reduce the amount of money we are spending and trying to stop ourselves eating out, which can be quite hard at times as it always smells so good when in the marina using the wifi.

When Bob left he asked us to  finish off some of the ropes with decent whippings and to run the deck brush round the water line to remove some of the algal growth, both of which we achieved so we added removing some of the flakey varnish to the list and have been doing that for the last few days. We also have to wash down the decks everyday to keep the boards swollen so that they dont let too much water in between, although some of the leaks continue despite our efforts, I  have also cleaned the odd cupboard out as some of the leaky salt water has been depositing itself into some of them.


We also celebrated Pancake day and Valentine’s day late, and some what combined…


And Edward cooked his first meal* 🙂 with a little help from me, a ‘stir fry’ noodle dish. And his second meal, more independently as it required less cooking, a lovely pasta salad.


*Ok first meal that wasn’t plain pasta or super noodles…


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