Returning to St Lucia

From Grenada we headed back to St Lucia, unfortunately the wind was in prettynmuch exactly the direction we wanted to go so we had to motor sail the whole way to try and reduce the angle we were sailing from the wind. Even with this we still ended up going a rather torturous route and doubling back on ourselves at one point for a number of hours…
This trip was the longest we spent at sea since arriving in Barbados spending two nights at sea. Some of the time pounding into a rather rough sea and watching spray illuminated by the nav lights spring up into the air before raining down upon the foredeck. Although the weather did calm down for the last night and we were able to get some lovely views of the stars, it is so imressive/worrying how different the stars are at sea to on land. The sky is just illuminated by hundreds more stars when you get out of sight of land, being able to see so many more constellations and the milky way clearly, is just and amazing experience.  What made this time even better was because it was later in the year it was possible to see the Southern Cross finally make its way above our horizon, this is one of my favourite constellations for some reason and I love being able to see it in the northern hemisphere sky.


Arriving in the morning into Marigot Bay we anchored outside the main channel into the bay as there is not very much room to manouver in the bay itself, although there are some substantial boats kept in the marina. Once we dropped anchor and had lunch we drove ashore so that the captain could sign us in, but the customs office didn’t open for another hour, running on typical Caribbean time. Once ashore the crew spread out in many directions cheking out the beach and bars or coffee shops. Ed and I, whilst driving boats that day also had to start looking about what we were going to do when we left the boat that woud satisfy the captain and customs and immigration man.


After spending the night anchored outside Marigot Bay we headed off to Rodney Bay for the last time, disembarking the old crew over the next few days and having new crew join.




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