On To Grenada

We spent the night anchored in Tobago Quays then headed out to Union Island the next morning, to have a day ashore and sign out of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Unfortunately I have no idea what Union Island is like, as when still at anchor in Tobago Quays my tooth started playing up and meant that I did not sleep much if at all that night, and subsequently spent the next 30 ish hours in bed, rising only once we were on our way to Grenada. This missing out a whole island really threw my sense of timing and knowing what day it is.

Once in Grenada we moored on the commercial dock in the middle of town, along with our favourite cruise liner, Sea Cloud II. Once we had cleared in we had the chance to go and explore the town, which is not much in itself, but we did find a supermarket and stocked up on drinks sachets, crisps and ice cream.


The next day most of the crew took a tour of the island checking out the cocoa production plantation, a waterfall they could swim in and many other wonderful sights, but I had a 9am dentists appointment in the next town over which meant that I couldn’t go. Valiantly Ed offered to stay with me instead of going on the tour, so we headed over to the town with somewhat vague directions off get a bus from the bus stop opposite, get off at the food fair and then the dentists is upstairs, they are expecting you. Considering the agent who booked the appointment didnt even know my name I was taking quite a bit on faith that this would work out ok! 
Complication 1 involved actually getting a bus, bus being an overstatement, they are really minibusses and dont really require bus stops. This threw us to start with as we headed off trying to find a bus stop, walking almost a third of the way there, and probably looking quite confused when one of them, touting for business as they do pulled up to ask us is we wanted a ride, being very used to this I almost dismissed him with out thinking till I realised that actually this was what I had been looking for all along!
Finally a bus, now to sort out where on earth the food fair is, heading slightly further away then we had expected and getting a bit nervous that we weren’t actually heading in the right direction,  when suddenly the Food Fair sign appeared around a corner, affixed to the side of a rather sizable shopping center complex. Yes, complication 2 solved, just now to get the attention of the driver or money collection man to signal that we want to get off here and we are on the way to someone poking around in my mouth!
Complication 3 involved trying to find the dentists within the warren of the shopping mall, but we found it just on 9 o’clock and suprisingly checking in for the appointment was the least stressful part of the whole adventure. Somewhat comfortingly it would appear that dentists surgeries look the same regardless of where you are, well at least the waiting areas do! I then had my tooth drilled out and a prescription for antibiotics given to me by a very nice dentist who had reassuringly trained to become a dentist when he lived in America and was only really still practising to keep his secretary and assistant in a job…

After finding the pharmacy and getting my prescription filled (the prescription was written just on a piece of note paper and the tablets were handed over in a small viplock bag!) We headed out to find something to fill the rest of the day with we ‘treated’ ourselves to KFC for the first time out here, despite them being everywhere… Looked around another mall, trying to find sunglasses for me (yes I did loose both pairs I came out with), an adaptor for Ed’s laptop carging cable and a short pair of boardies for me. We successfully found glasses, but that was it. Although we did find a lovely gallery and got to look around their store room, and had a lovely chat to the owner, I would have really like to take something home with me from there but having very little room and already one print to sort out I didnt think it would be feasible.

After this we headed to the beach but it was way too windy to enjoy sitting on it so we found a little cafe/bar and used their wifi for the rest of the afternoon. Before getting a mini bus back to the dock. That evening we headed out to Prickly Bay to the Yacht Club for an evening of live music and chilling with the crew.


The next day there were a few sore heads and I headed off to the beach again by myself to use wifi and chill, inadvertantly catching the second half of the rugby match as well 🙂 We then headed off soon after lunch to start making our way back up to St Lucia and the end point of the voyage, again my watch were on duty for leaving and we had one hell of a docking shower, getting thoroughly soaked and prooving that my thin jacket is not as waterproof as it could have been…
It was so wet that the pilot decided that we were more than capable of leaving with out him and he would stay in the nice warm office thank you very much…

The other suprising/amazing thing that we saw whilst in Grenada, when walking back from buying icecream at the shop, was the mythical ‘green flash’ which we can vouch really does exist. Four of us were walking towards the dock edge from the gate and observing how gorgeous the sunset was and how quickly it actually goes down here when a second or two after the sun cleared the horizon a flash came back up with a distinctly green tinge. The did I really just see that though pops into your head but when three other people around you exclaim, ‘oh did you just see that!’ You realise that no you weren’t seeing things, that really did just happen…


The previous nights sunset from onboard Pelican, we saw the flash from about 50m to the left of this view.


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