From Bequia we headed to Mayreau,sailing for the morning, anchoring soon after lunchtime in Saline Bay which is the slightly deeper of the two bays used for yachties on the island. Saltwhistle bay is much more popular with visiting yachtsmen being smaller and more sheltered.


We headed ashore after lunch was all cleared up and spent a few hours exploring this end of the island before heading back to the boat for a late dinner, which had been put back to enable us to make the most of the daylight with the expectation that not many of us would like to be out after dark for fear of being eaten alive by mosquitoes. There is not much to do in Mayreau except use the beach, there are only 300 people living on the island and it is small enough that the main “town” doesn’t even have a name.

When we arrived we took a walk through the middle of the peninsular along the side of the salt pond to the end of the beach at Windward Bay, here we had a view over Tobago Quays.


After this we headed back to the beach to do some snorkeling, well I did, Edward just swam and messed about with the other guys in the surf. There was lots of laughter ringing out, especially when they all tried to do headstands on the bottom, getting knocked over in the process by the waves…

We stayed out till the sun set and I managed to get some good photos of the ship and the sunset, having brought my DSLR out instead of relying on my (surprisingly good) phone camera.


The other thing I manged this day was to get a photo of Ed, he normally runs and hides from them but somehow I managed to convince him it was a good idea.



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