Island Hopping I

When the new crew arrived for the island hopping trip we  had a very split set of ages, two girls under the age of 25 and three over 50’s one of whom would be celebrating his 70th birthday onboard. With a similar split amongst the watch leaders. The crew turned up in dribs and drabs over the two days before the voyage started, managing to find their way to the marina easily enough but sometimes having real problems trying to communicate with the ship to let us know they were here. Once we had managed to Corral everyone we started to get to know one another, having a small party onboard to break the ice, and show off our galley departments cooking ability. A BBQ with out the BBQ, we have run out of gas for it, a large saucepan of rum punch and music over the PA system.

The next day started with training for the new voyage crew, teaching them all about how to sail the ship, helming, dealing with ropes with out loosing some fingers, climbing and general day to day life such as alarm signals and how to use the toilets. After this we set sail heading for St Vincent, the next island south of St Lucia.


We sailed pretty much the whole way which meant that some of it was rather slower than it could have been, but this gave the newbies a chance to get used to the ship, going aloft to release the sails ready to set and just generally getting used to the motion. It also meant that we had a chance to see the wildlife that was around in the waters, during this sail we saw a number of sperm whales, a pod of pilot whales and just around dinner time spinner dolphins had fun playing in our bow wake.

Leaving St Lucia soon after lunch we arrived in St Vincent the next morning, coming into the bay to anchor with Ed and I up the mizzen mast stowing the spanker sail, once we had finished we had a good view of the small bay and surrounding hills.


After lunch some of our crew went ashore but I didn’t,  last time I was here with the pelican (07/08) I had felt really uncomfortable on this one island and have voted to stay on the boat the subsequent times we came in. It was one of the few islands I felt out of place being white, more than just looking like a tourists. I stayed on the boat, catching up with relaxing time, writing blog posts to try and bring this upto date and chilling out watching a film.
Thankfully everyone else that went ashore had a lovely time, we did anchor off of the main town as opposed to the more rural north we had been at , last time so this may have made a difference.



We stayed in St Vincent over night and as a crew decided that we wouldnt spend a second day there but would head for Bequia to soak up some small carribean island vibe and then indulge in their local music festival.


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