Jewellery Making

Despite being away from my normal tools I have still had a chance to make some jewellery. Most of what I have made so far has either been for myself, I now have two new neacklaces, or as presents. I decided to make all of the girls onboard a necklace for Christmas and bought a proper set of pliers from the craft store in Bridgetown,  as well as some jewellery wire. With shells and coral pieces I picked up on the beaches I made around 10 presents for people on the ship, I also made four which were sent home with the captain’s daughters to be sent to my sister for distribution as christmas presents around the family.


Unfortunately I didnt remeber to take photos of the rest of the pendants I made.
During the rest of the time onboard Yazz had been snorkelling and found a gorgeous piece of glass which she wanted made into a pendant, and I certainly cant blame her, I nearly didnt want to give it back once it was finished.


I have a nice stack of shells, coral and sea glass waiting for me to have a lot of free time in my hands so I can make them into more jewellery which I am either going to try to sell out here or send back to Nikki to list in my Etsy shop, which is currently in hibernation.
If anyone is interested I can post photos on here as I make some for people to choose from.


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