Our Escape to Martins Bay

Once again we had a weekend off and headed out on one of the many busses to a secluded spot on the East coast of the island, Martins Bay is one of the best secluded places we have found. The busses run there directly from Bridgetown but only every 2 hours so we had to be very careful with our timings to make sure we made it back in time for our rib run back out to the boat.

Martins Bay consists pretty much solely of a pebble beach, a few fishing boats, brightly coloured picnic tables and one lone bar/cafe.



When we went the wind was up and It was amazing to just stand and watch the waves crashing down on the rocks on the headlands and marvel at the power of nature (again). We went for a scramble along the beach as far as it would allow us, having to climb over the bases of palm trees and time our movements to avoid waves.



After our beach climb walk we headed over to the bar, intending to possibly top up after our packed lunches but ended up just chilling out with a coke and enjoying the view. At one point we did had to move in anticipation of the big rain cloud crowding the horizon and claimed a nice table under cover where we could watch the other few more oblivious tourists scrambling to get inside before they got too soaked…


One of the nice things about Martin’s Bay was the picture perfect location, which included two very brightly painted fishing boats pulled right up the beach.



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