Beach BBQ

One of the Pelicans volunteer crew who I have sailed with during the tall ships races 2012, lives in Barbados with her family, during our time here she returned from university in Canada for the Christmas break. When she was here she invited a number of us that she knew out and about in Barbados with her family. 
Due to clashes with duties Ed and I could not attend the first two events, a beach BBQ and visiting the drive in cinema to watch life of pi. But between Christmas and New Year we met up to join her family a few neighbours and the family of a friend she was on Sørlandert.

Holly picked us up in town and we headed over to her parents house in the Warrens, here we waited for a bit to find out what the weather was going to do, during this time we had a look through the gardens of their house and the grandparents house which is the old plantation house, they have a number of fruit trees ranging from bread fruit to orange and grapefruit. The Inside of the house was just as lovely with art over almost every possible bit of wall space,  Holly’s mother is an artist who owns and runs best of Barbados with her husband.

From their house we headed out to the other side of the Island, just up from Bathsheba,  to a place called Cattle Wash to have a bonfire BBQ on the beach here. Descending through the clouds to reach the designated location made me glad I brought a jumper but wonder if a coat would have been a good idea too…


Once there the boys set about digging out the fire pit and setting up the fire ready to cook on. The rest of us moved all the tables and chairs down to set up all the food and rum punch on.


The weather was not the nicest and it ended up turning into somewhat of a British BBQ…


Except the fish was much fresher, we had lime and ginger marinaded Marlin. Which was some of the nicest fish I have ever eaten. Thank you Chris for your amazing cooking skills.


  Once it got dark we cracked out the bag of marshmallows and skewers to allow us to toast them. We huddled round the fire for a bit longer using up the remaining wood and basking in its heat.


When it started to rain more heavily we gave up for the evening and headed back to Hollys where we curled up on the sofa and watched a film before Holly drove us back to Bridgetown to catch the rib back to the boat.


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