Boxing day sailing

During our time in Barbados we have made friends with a number of locals and other boats. One of these contacts that has been very prominent in our day to day life is Randal,  who runs the Buccaneer Bar, a floating bar come house where we have had regular access to the internet and local knowledge. Randal and his girlfriend Carrie have made us all very welcome, allowing us to come onboard on Christmas day and use their internet to skype our families and friends.

After a mostly lovely night onboard for christmas a large group of our crew went sailing on a ketch that we had met for the boxing day race. About 10 people went onboard (whos names were picked out of a hat) unfortunately I was not one of these peopld so I went ashore to use the internet at Randals and got the offer to go out in his tender to help bring in one of the other boats in the transat classique which was just coming up to finishing.

Randal took me and a number of crew from the race organisation out to meet the boat and escort her to the finish, on our way out we took a detour via the start of the Boxing Day Race, to watch our crew on the ketch Desiderata.



We then headed off around the headland to capture pictures of the classic finishing her transatlantic race.


After this we headed back into the marina where the classics were all moored up to ensure that the bridge would actually lift on time, a feat that is apparently quite hard as they had problems with the key for the gate and could not lock people off the bridge before lifting! Eventually this problem was overcome and the Swan was allowed through to moor up with her comrades, and probably get a well earned rest.


From here I headed back out to Desiderata to catch up with the crew and then over to the cruising club to go to the afterparty.


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