Christmas Onboard

For the first time in my life I have missed christmas at home and had it onboard ship. I have narrowly missed it twice before, once the last time the Pelican was in the carribean and the other time when the Stavros was in Southampton for maintenance over the christmas period.
This year there was a number of us eho had sailed the boat out from the UK celebrating onboard, along with a number of new crew.
We elected to have a secret santa to ensure everyone got a present and keep the costs down. We all opened the presents one by one and got to see what everyone had got, ranging from slightly tacky barbados t-shirts to bottles of rum and playing cards for the girl about to take on Asia with a backpack.
I received a pair of earrings, made from a local shell. Added to the necklace that mummy had ‘hidden’ in the card she gave me before I left.

We had a very chilled out evening onboard, playing a tresure hunt that the bosun had prepared for us and then some more games, ending the evening fairly early.


Prior to christmas we had been at the yacht club when they had their childrens christmas party and had seen Santa arrive at the club by jetski!


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