And the East

The next day we headed off to Bathsheba on the east coast.  Which is famed for its natural beauty, with long beaches swept with rolling waves from the Atlantic.  We got one of the government busses from Bridgetown through the middle of the island to the small coastal town of Bathsheba. The bus ride in itself is a wonder to behold, the drivers seem to be trying to make the bus take off for the majority of the ride, flying along what can only be classed as small country lanes. You go through some amazing countryside gradually climbing higher till you reach the far side of the island where the land decends rapidly towards the coast through an almost jungly landscape, shooting out of this to one of the most breathtaking views I have seen in a while. High up looking over a vast expanse of lush greenery, bounded by white sandy beaches and bright blue water with white crests breaking in the shallows.

It is pretty much impossible to take a photo of that view as you are wizzing past so quickly but this is part of it from ground level. There are also some really interesting rock features created from the force of water and waves.


The beach is a good beach for scrambling over the rocks and paddling In the shallows in places, even if this was some what inadvertently forced upon me (I was wearing trainers at the time!)




When we left Bathsheba we managed to inadvertently miss the bus back to Bridgetown but luckily the bus to speightstown leaves 5 mins later so we caught this one heading through the middle of Barbados.  This bus called past the animal reserve so we called in here to look at the monkeys and other animals that they had. There were lots and lots of toroises all over the place, pretty much everywhere you went to put your foot there was one idly walking along.


The main aim of the sanctury was to look after monkeys, which were free to roam the countryside and returned due to the lure of food and shelter.


We did also see some outside the sanctuary as we were leaving.



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