All change please…

By now many of you will know that my plans have changed slightly and I am no longer heading to Salvador or Punta arenas.
This is because the pelican is no longer taking part in the Shackleton expedition, this change of plans has come about due to cash flow problems on the part of the expedition and even though the expedition is going ahead it has been decided that it is in our best interests to pull out and return the boat to the UK.
This is where we hit a slight snag, we had been forced to wait in the canaries longer than anticipated and then again outside the Cape Verde islands. After waiting for a few days we headed off to a waypoint half way between Salvador and the Azores waiting for a decision to come through. When we got near the waypoint the decision to pull out of the Shackleton expedition came through and we were asked to head back to the UK via the Azores.
So we duly headed north and planned out the route that we would have to take to be able to reach the Azores, seeing it plotted on the chart it would have appeared that we were using stealth tactics and sneaking up on the islands because we were heading to them from the north after taking a big wide circle round to the west of them. But no this was just the routing we had to take because of the weather systems we were going to encounter on the way…
None of the crew were particularly happy with having to head back to the UK especially at this time of year, thankfully the plan was changed as the instance of one member of crew. The one person on board that you don’t annoy, the cook, and this was not just caused by him standing there and stamping his feet until we all gave in (but this possibly would have worked) we were running so low on food that we would not have been able to make it to the Azores.
When crossing we motored most of the way so that we could try and get there as quick as possible to make up the time that we had lost waiting for a decision. And at one point we thought that we had to sail the rest of the way because we were running low on fuel, thankfully due to badly placed fuel tank take out points we had some left I the other tanks that we could access when we changed tacks.
So after a decidedly interesting voyage across the Atlantic that not only ended up with us heading to a different port but one in a different hemisphere to our initial plan…

The crossing itself was not hugely exciting,  mostly lots of sunsets and sun rises,




And some studying…


And some interesting cloud formations…



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